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As part of the Superior Energy Services family of companies, ISS ensures that its service to customers remains at peak levels through a strategic Quality Performance Program. Our process to improve operational performance focuses on identifying the root cause of quality issues, implementing corrective measures to prevent recurrence and measuring performance to understand what is working and where we can implement continual improvements.

Superior Energy Services and ISS are committed to quality in all parts of its business. Our corporate expectations require management to ensure mechanical and operational integrity through the development of preventive maintenance programs, mechanical integrity procedures, employee training and tracking systems to ensure completion of action items from risk assessments, hazard analyses and audits.

To demonstrate our commitment to quality management, ISS is also certified to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The Superior Energy and ISS commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment can be summarized within three powerful statements:

  • No one gets hurt
  • No environmental damage is acceptable
  • Nothing is more valuable than our employees' health and safety

HSE is a critical element of ISS's operations. No job is undertaken unless it can be done safely, and all equipment and processes are designed, constructed and operated with the Superior Energy's HSE policy in mind.

As our employees are our most valuable asset, ISS follows a proven multi-level safety program that includes written policies and procedures, safety supervision, and required training on the job and in the classroom. Full participation of all personnel is required in safety drills, meetings, inspections and reports. Furthermore, all employees are empowered to evoke "Stop Work Authority" at any time they feel conditions are not safe.

Even while performing in some of the more hazardous operations, we are equally committed to minimizing our effect on the environment, complying with corporate policies, domestic legislation, regulatory codes and industry best practices. However, we see compliance with applicable laws and regulations as a starting point and work to constantly improve upon our HSE standards.



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