International Snubbing Services

International Snubbing Services (ISS), a Superior Energy Services company, utilizes technology, innovation and imagination to meet the changing needs of its clients while staying ahead of the competition.

Founded in 1982 by Jack Hardy, a legend in the oil and gas industry, ISS has a long history in the well control business and is the only company that maintains custom-built equipment strictly for well control applications.

Available for use on land and offshore, our stand-alone, snubbing units have been specifically designed to handle extreme and hazardous well conditions in the most remote of locations. Additionally, our rig assist unit and quick rig versions provide our customers with extremely fast rig-ups.

As part of the Superior Energy Services family of companies, ISS ensures that its service to customers remains at peak levels. To this end, ISS personnel are not only trained to use our custom-built equipment, but they are also trained to skillfully utilize ancillary equipment designed by other manufacturers.

Along with its affiliates, Superior Energy Services (Australia) and Balance Point Control, ISS constantly strives to improve and raise industry standards through team effort and equipment improvements. The results are innovative, superior solutions to problems encountered in the market and stronger working bonds between the customer and ISS.

In the most demanding of operations, when strength and durability are required, the ISS team is the best in the business and here for you.

Past accomplishments that exemplify ISS ingenuity, include:

  • Reduction of rig footprints for operation on the smallest of locations
  • Modifications of rig components to increase capacities but not their size
  • Redesign of rig sub-bases and skid beams to operate with hydraulic equipment
  • Design of a hydraulic, continuously operating rotary with increased torque capabilities
  • Automation of several hydraulic rig systems
  • Design of a lightweight top drive system used on hydraulic drilling rigs
  • Configuration of a derrick pipe racking system and design of rig components for easy configuration with a variety of platform layouts



  • 190 Industries Lane
  • Arnaudville, Louisiana 70512
  • Phone: 337-754-7233
  • Fax: 337-754-5765

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